About Us

The Alabama State Trapshooting Association is a non-profit Association dedicated to providing a safe and fun shooting environment while promoting trapshooting safety and good sportsmanship to its members.   The ASTA is a state affiliate of the Amateur Trap Association (ATA).

Gun clubs throughout the state of Alabama regularly hold scheduled shoots with registered targets for ATA members to shoot the 3 defined trapshooting disciplines.   A shooter must be a member of the ATA to be allowed to shoot at any registered trap shoots in Alabama.  Attending registered shoots is extremely important to obtaining the minimum amount of registered targets that are required to quality for the Alabama State and Grand American World Trapshooting Championships.  Without reaching the minimum required targets, a shooter will be required to shoot penalty.   Target requirements can be found in each of the respective shoot programs.

The ASTA proudly sponsors and supports the Alabama State Trapshooting Championships each year.  This 4 day championship is held at Dixie Trap & Gun club, the ASTA home club located in Montgomery Al.  The championships comprise of 11 Events that include all 3 of the trapshooting disciplines; Singles, Doubles, and Handicap.  Shooter classification for the championships range from Class AA to D as well as special categories that include: Sub Juniors, Gold Juniors, Juniors, Sub-Veterans, and Veterans.  More information about classification and special categories can be found on the ATA and AIM websites.  Trophies are presented to winners of the event class and category champions based on the shoot program policies.  The Alabama State Trapshooting Championships is a great trapshooting event that attracts not only shooters from the state of Alabama but shooters from all over the country.

The ASTA is committed to supporting Alabama trapshooting environments and its members to help retain and grow the trapshooting sport in the state of Alabama.